The Book is Out!!

I have finally released a book into the world. It is the book I needed when Molly and I were making our way through her hospitalization for mental health care. I have been holding on to that project for months, feeling inadequate and perfectionistic and wholly unqualified to write anything about it. But enough was enough. It was time to birth this project and love it unconditionally for the project it is. Because ultimately, it is not about whether or not I am good enough. It is about whether this book can help others (maybe you!) to feel less alone, less unhinged, less overwhelmed.

This is not a clinical manual, but a raw and authentic blend of guidance and personal reflection. T

What about me? is part book, part journal and it’s what I wish I had found when I was losing my mind with stress, rage and despair.

Fair warning: I swear – suddenly and unpredictably. I can also be really sarcastic.

And hey, if you discover this isn’t for you, pass it on. It may be just what the therapist ordered…

What about me?

An irreverent guide to keeping your marbles when someone you love struggles with mental illness

Want to know more before you buy? Fair enough. Click here.

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