I am learning to live in the “in-between” times.

When we pause between activities or spaces or moments in our days, we open ourselves to the possibility of discovering a new kind of presence to the darkness of in-between times. When we rush from one thing to another, we skim over the surface of life, losing the sacred attentiveness that brings forth revelations in the most ordinary of moments. 

Christine Valters Paintner

I am learning to live in the “in-between” times. The times of “not-knowing”. The transition times. The “liminal space” where the future is unwritten, the path is hidden and I feel uncertain.

I am learning to allow the fear that comes up and not rush to fix it with activity and busyness.

Darkness is not necessarily danger or evil. Darkness is also possibility. Darkness is also gestation in a loving womb. Darkness is the “before light” time that makes the coming dawn all the more beautiful.

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