About the author

The Hospitable Alien is the brain child of author Miranda (Ran) Weingartner.

Ran, aka the Hospitable Alien, was dropped onto Planet Earth a few months after the moon landing. Coincidence? She thinks not. She’s been looking for a way “home” ever since, seeking to be of service to her host planet whenever possible.

She believes her home planet is most likely aquatic and heavily populated by beings very much resembling earth’s canine species.

A survivor of the Human Condition, she seeks to wrest meaning from life’s suffering and share her findings with fellow travellers.

An award-winning writer and avid traveller, Ran has visited five continents doing odd jobs including monitoring international development projects and hosting scenario workshops on global issues such as nuclear non-proliferation, climate change adaptation and the weaponization of space.

She currently works wrangling the forces of entropy at a mental health clinic in Northern Ontario, Canada and studying Spiritual Direction.

She lives with her wife Molly and their dog Charlie.