How I learned to wait

The thing about waiting is it feels you are at a standstill while everyone else seems to move forward without you. You are excluded, standing on the banks of the river of time.
Or so it feels.

Where in the spiral are you?

What if, instead of (winning) streaks, we spoke of spirals? Designed systems that did not stretch into runways, but rather spiralled upwards?

Keep dancing

When the way is dark and the wind is cold, Keep dancing.
When the air is thin and your chest hurts, Keep dancing.

How do I choose when I can’t decide?

Every decision is a bet. And I am not a gambler. I like being in control. I like a sure thing. And deep down I believe that if I make The Right Decision, it will all work out in my favor.


How wise also to Know deeply the importance of remaining together. For interdependence is a fact, not a belief.