Flailing in the dark

Darkness, like grief, a diagnosis, or an uncertain future is disorienting. We reach our arms out blindly hoping to touch something that will ground us.  

How do you cope when life just sucks?

You don’t have to be struggling with your mental health to have days that suck. But that doesn’t mean they all will, that you do or that life does.

How does mental health stigma affect you?

The stigma attached to mental health conditions is so pervasive that people who suspect that they might have a mental health condition are unwilling to seek help for fear of what others may think. Experiences of stigma and discrimination is one of their greatest barriers to a satisfying life. Family and friends are also affected by mental health stigma.

How I learned to wait

The thing about waiting is it feels you are at a standstill while everyone else seems to move forward without you. You are excluded, standing on the banks of the river of time.
Or so it feels.